This is the private policy statement of Chordiels Music. For any clarifications contact us at The website (the site) has three forms where information from the endusers are collected. The three forms are: 1) Mailing List Subscription, 2) Join Chordiels Music , and 3) Place Order form.

The Mailing list subscription form requires users to give us contact information (name and e-mail address), with which the periodical newsletter from the official emailed of Chordiels Music will be sent to the user. Users opt to receive mails from Chordiels Music as they subscribe to the mailing list.

Join Chordiels Music Registration form requires demographic and profile data from the user. These information will be used only to communicate with the user after becoming the member of Chordiels Music and to deliver the gifts and chordiels' products to the member whenever the necessity rises.

Demographic and Communication information will be required for the order product form, where the user places order of purchase from our website. No information with regard to credit/debit card, bank account details, or net banking or other money related repositories will be obtained from the user in the entire website. All received orders will be processed in person with high confidentiality.

We do not share any of this information to other entities or companies, and these will not be visible to other users and will be kept confidential at all times. However, the demographic information will be used for processing the delivery of products and goods with third party couriers and post offices, wherever applicable. Personal and contact information that is collected is used to bill the user for products and services and may be shared with companies that help us operate our site, otherwise the collected information is not shared with external parties or companies.

The site users take up the sole responsibility for the correctness of information they provide to our web forms. By providing such information, they agree to the terms and conditions provided in our website.